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New Orleans Bicycle Tours

Wednesday, 7. October 2009 21:19


Welcome to Confederacy of Cruisers

There is no better way to see the Big Easy than by bike , especially on a fat tired, and easy to ride cruiser. Our tours are slow paced, just like the city, with all the time you need to soak up the local sights and color. Confederacy of Cruisers invites you on a ride where we share what we love best; New Orleans. Our 3 hour tour winds through several scenic and traditionally Creole neighborhoods such as the classic Faubourgs, the Marigny and the Treme. Your ride with us will explore the architecture and history of the city, while unraveling the mysteries and oddities, that, when finally seen as a whole, will give you a glimpse into the heart and meaning of our unique local culture.  There really is no place like New Orleans, and we love to share it with you.

We started Confederacy of Cruisers for one reason, no one offered a tour of New Orleans that I would have wanted to take.  Biking and neighborhood history are my passion, so we combined the two and created tours that are a little more fun, cover the local spots that we find so great, and reflect what we love so much about our city. We have a passion for the New Orleans and our guides are chosen for both that passion and for their lively personalities. We want you to leave our city filled with great memories and will do everything we can to make sure you do. Contact us by email or give us a call at (504) 400-5468 if you have any questions or wish to make reservations, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

In response to all the questions we receive about biking around our city, we have put together a web-page filled with advice.
Give it a look at Bicycling in New Orleans to make your stay here even better.

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