Because after all these years blowhards with more microphones than brains still insist on shoveling insults upon our city. This is a serious offer and I have posted it 2 times on his facebook page and sent him a personal email without hearing back. Me I answer everybody who offers me a free vacation.


I find it hard to believe you are too busy to respond to my honest and generous offer, but I will repeat here so you can consider it.

You feel strongly about how Katrina was no big thing and the people who stayed were stupid. I don’t begrudge you your opinion, America has room for everyone, but a man can not be all talk from thousands of miles away, he really should stand up and tell the people who he is talking about what he thinks of them to their faces. A lesson I was taught in elementary school. It ’s just not right to not have the courtesy to face those you accuse. If you talk strong, you should act the same or else how can you look your family in the eyes.

Dori  Monson hard at work judginf Katrina victimsTo give you a chance, I will buy you a plane ticket to New Orleans…this is all on me, and I’m hardly rich…and a dinner at the restaurant of your choice. You can then accompany me around the neighborhoods of my city, see what people are doing to rebuild and tell them to their face how if they stayed during Katrina it was because they were stupid. I’ll take you to some relatives of the deceased and you can share your opinions. I won’t take you to people who would beat the hell out of you (although I could), just senior citizens, the learning disabled, the children,folks you don’t have to be scared of.

I’m reaching deep into my pocket to let you express your opinion…you can do it on a weekend and not miss work or you can broadcast it live to let everyone know how tough you really are; your choice.

You talk several hours a day on the radio, surely you’ll have the voice to answer my invitation…and don’t worry, I’ll be unfailingly polite and friendly, I’m from New Orleans.