The NOLA We Love (Links)

Where We Eat in New Orleans

Cochon – Unique gourmet country Cajun cooking. For Casual try the butcher next door.

Coops – Neighborhood-style eating in the Quarter. Go for gumbo, jambalaya and fried chicken, shrimp and oysters.

Cajun Seafood – The 18 inch shrimp Po Boy at $10 and boiled shrimp and crawfish. After dark, take a cab.

Sammy’s Food – Plate lunches for those who want to eat like the locals. All fresh, and all delicious.

Elizabeth’s – Praline bacon burgers and fried oysters in blue cheese is all you need to say.

Irene’s Cuisine -Unique, local and upscale Creole Italian food, a style not found outside of New Orleans

Dick and Jenny’s-Their food will get us to go uptown, not an easy accomplishment.


Where we drink in the French Quarter

French 75-Traditional 1940’s look combined with the best traditional New Orleans drinks. Enjoy a step back in time.

Erin Rose-A half a block off Bourbon Street, but a world away. Loud and friendly.

Spotted Cat-Frenchmen Street is a must for music loving visitors. Never a bad band at this spot. No cover, musicians play for tips here. No website, none needed.

Molly’sAn evening at the window seats watching the French Quarter pass is classic. Try a Frozen Irish Coffee with an extra shot of Jameson to beat the heat.


Local Bands to look for

Miss Sophie Lee, Loose Marbles, Cottonmouth Kings, Panorama Jazz Band, Treme Brass Band and Palmetto Bug Stompers are a few of our timeless favorites that play weekly.

Frenchmenst.comA local music website run by stand-up guy and stand up-bass player Robert Snow will give you all the details.


Sleeping like a local

Lookout Inn – Great spot, bikable to the French Quarter and has a pool.

Royal Street Courtyard – Convenient to the Marigny and Frenchmen Street, with a hot tub to boot.

Balcony Guesthouse – A short walk from MiMi’s and above an Indian restaurant/beer and wine shop. Easy.


New Orleans Bicycle Links

New Orleans Bicycle Club – I used to bike fast once, it’s fun. Now I bike slower, I’m lazy. They’re not.

Bike Easy – Getting things done to make bicycling better for everyone in this town.

New Orleans Bicycles – This book is gorgeous. None of my bikes got in, but I’ll forgive them.

Plan B Bike Project – If plan A, ‘buy an expensive bike’ isn’t working, go to plan B, and build one yourself. Or volunteer.

RUBARBRusted Up Beyond All Recognition Bikes, a Post Katrina bicycle project for kids.
NOLA Bicycle Map Project – Mapping our whole city street by street for happier bicycling.

Groups we donate to

Kiva - loans that change lives
Wheels4Life logo

Other Bike Links and Tours around the Globe
CruisingKrakow -Cruisers and pierogies, I love places that are as unheaalthy as New Orleans
Steel Donkey Bike Tours-Ride through one of my many second favorite cities; Barcelona. Run by a better looking version of me.
Bike Tours of Lima Peru -Lima, Come for the bike tours, stay for the Pisco Sours (That would be my slogan)
Zurich by Bike -Including Architecture bike tours. We like that.
Pedal Power Vienna– Bike through a city that makes New Orleans seem as old as a new-born baby
Cycling Links Directory – Links to absolutely everything you need to know regarding bicycles.
Bicycle CAD – Design your own fixed gear bicycle. Possibly more fun than even biking.
IBike – Great site for community run biking programs and tours.

NOLAPic-Photography that captures the essence of New Orleans. Really Great stuff.
Suzanne Saunders-By far my favorite New Orleans painter for NOLA street scenes