Cocktails in New Orleans Bike Tour

We’re fairly simple here at Confederacy of Cruisers…We like to enjoy our city; meaning  we like to bike, and we like to drink. We like to give tours and take people to out of the way spots and give them a taste of the neighborhoods of New Orleans, and now we found a way to combine all of that. The drink holders are hooked up to the handlebars and we roll on most Mondays,  Thursdays and Fridays and Saturdays at 10:15 AM. Sundays may be available by request, usually with a 4 person minimum,just ask.

Le Bon Temps Rouler: A historical New Orleans Drinking Tour Le Bon Temps (lay bahn tahn roolay) is a localized French expression for “Let the Good times Roll”, not just an expression, it’s a way of life here, and now a way to learn about New Orleans long history and fascination with drinking. Your guide, Lara, has been mixing cocktails and serving shots of alcohol and history for  locals and tourists alike for as long as I can remember in New Orleans. Up until now you had to stumble into the right bar at the right time to enjoy her charms and stories. No longer is that the case, she’s going to juggle all of her previous skills for you, and she’ll be doing it all while she and you are on bikes. No, it’s not a circus act, it’s Confederacy of Cruisers Booze and Bikes tour.

From the early days of rum smuggling to the years when the French Quarter was so rambunctious that a modern day Bourbon street reveler would either shudder or blush at the cities antics, New Orleans has been a city that can combine the sophisticated with the sleazy. Saucy and sauced has always gone hand in hand and you will hear the tales from the cities past to the present. Of course, you will hear about the drinks and the drinkers that the city has spawned, but also how our city that has been spurred by the drinks themselves. And just as our tales are never dry, neither shall this tour, you’ll taste the cocktails that made us famous at various neighborhood spots for a full all senses involved experience.

And, of course, because it is New Orleans, we can ride from one stop to the other with drink in hand.

Price is all-inclusive, so all you have to do is show up and enjoy the ride.  We provide bicycles, helmets (optional, but encouraged), a licensed tour guide, drinks and bartenders’ gratuity. We don’t want you to have to reach into your wallet at all, and you don’t have to order, we take care of all of it for you. The tour price is more expensive than our usual tours, but that is purely to cover the 5 cocktail stops we will bring you to, from elegant to friendly dive bar, you’ll drink it all  in.

This tour is recommended to advanced riders.  Through much of this tour we will be sharing old, narrow city streets with motor vehicles and high volume pedestrian traffic, so an appropriate skill level is important to your ability to comfortably enjoy this tour.
Oh, and one last thing:  you must be at least 21 years old for this tour.  Not our fault, you understand; apparently there’s a law or something. ID’s are required.

When: Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays And Saturdays at 10:15 AM. Ask about Sundays.

All Inclusive Price : $89 ($49 for our 3 hour tour and $40 for all of your booze, 5 local specialty drinks and all bartender tips. When the tour starts, you dont have to reach into your wallet, keeping your hands free for the booze)

Visit our contact page for reservations.

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