New Orleans Culinary Bike Tour

15 years and over 30 different neighborhood restaurants visited. Thousands of meals at thousands of tables shared. Everyone leaving full. We love this tour.

New Orleans Neighborhood Food Exploration Eating and Biking Tour

From the frosty bite of a raspberry snowball on a hot summer day to the soothing slurp of a gumbo thick with fresh shrimp and andouille sausage, a day out in New Orleans is defined by what we eat. Fried shrimp or homemade roast beef po’ boys, cajun pork boudin or crawfish freshly caught and boiled with a bunch of corn and potatoes are just a few of the things we can’t imagine living without and we can easily forget how spoiled we are because of it. The African foods our cuisine is based from to the Italian, German, and Vietnamese influences most never think of. are all part of our daily life.

As we always love to share what we love most, Confederacy of Cruisers is proud to announce the cities first neighborhood Culinary Tours. OK, ‘culinary’ may not be the correct word for these, ‘Culinary’ being a term I never use  at home; these will be more like “Eating’ tours. Eating the way we do it in the neighborhoods we live in. Of course we love the French Quarter for a fancy and delicious meal at Bayona, Irene’s, or even Galatoires if we can get those wrinkles out of our sportscoat; but that’s not where we head when we get off work and take  it easy. We go to the spots that are cheap, make ridiculously delicious food, and are well off the average tourists beat…and these are the places we want to share with you.

These tours will give you an understanding of the joy it is to spend a life in one of America’s food meccas. The intersection of flavors from the earliest French settlers, the Africans both free and slaves, along with the waves of later immigrants such as the Italians and our country cousins, the Cajuns all give New Orleans a culture that not only loves great food, but lives it. We’ll bike through the Creole side of town stopping at a few personally picked spots that will let you sample local cuisine. Come hungry, the calories we burn will not even touch the number we consume. And a friendly warning, this tour is not for faint stomaches…we eat a lot and we eat New Orleans style, pigs and seafood make up the bulk of our culinary experience; folks with special dietary needs should let us know in advance so we can see if we are able to accomodate you.

As always, this tour will be only with small groups and with a guide who loves New Orleans and considers a day of biking, eating, drinking, and sharing stories of New Orleans the absolute best way to spend a day.

We even impressed Southern Living magazine (which impressed my mom), check out their write-up of their ride with us.

Cost $89 ($54 for the 3.5 – 4 hour tour plus for all food and tips from the restaurants icluded) The tour is by reservation only, email us at with any questions

BBQ shrimp New Orleans style