New Orleans Bike Rentals

A bicyle named desire. New Orleans

A Bicycle Named Desire


We are proud to now offer our bike rental service, with all the hospitality and help our friends at Confederacy of Cruisers have always been known for. Cruise the city on your own…after your tour, or instead of. Our prices are ¬†better and the advice on where to ride and what to do will, of course, be lagniappe.
Come by and check out our fleet of Stellas, Stanleys, and Blanches.

Fat tires on classic one speed cruisers; the perfect way to roll through New Orleans.

Because the kindness of strangers, and a bike, will get you anywhere



Email is at  for details


Rental Rates:
Any time between store opening (10 AM) and closing (5 PM) – $25
Half day rentals (4 hours or less) -$20
Any 24 Hour overnight period from pickup to drop off -$35