Hooray, you now have found our secret page that will hopefully answer everything you need to know before your tour!

We used to answer every question directly in every email, but as the smallest successful tour business in New Orleans, we’d rather be out leading our bike tours than buried under piles of emails – so this handy list should cover most of the questions we get asked. Feel free to let us know if you have any more.

  • Location – The tours meet on the Royal Street side of Washington Square Park just 2 blocks outside of the French Quarter. We’ll be just off Frenchmen Street, an important spot to know as that is where all the great 1930′s style Jazz is played at our local clubs. It is an easy walk (figure about a minute a block) from anywhere in the Quarter…or a short cab-ride if you happen to be late, hungover, or at a hotel a little farther out. Our map link should help lead you right in. Please do not come to our office. It is far away and is just our house, if you end up here, we may end up asking you to help mow our lawn.
  • Weather – We have all kinds…Rain, Cold, Snow (once every 15 years) -  Bad weather happens. We are not cold and cruel parents who are going to force you to have fun if you like it or not. If the weather is unfriendly, we’ll play it by ear. The tours can be delayed, canceled, rescheduled or go out anyway  depending on the situation. In the case of bad weather, we’ll give you a call an hour beforehand and with our personal forecasts and, with your opinion, we’ll work something out and try our best  to keep everyone happy. While we understand the disappointment of a cancellation, we will not ride in weather that we feel is unsafe. Please understand, we do not like to cancel tours, but the safety of the both the customers and our employees is the most important thing to us. And don’t worry about the summer heat, being on a bike is cooler and more refreshing than walking.
  • Cancellations – We are not the biggest fans of credit card companies or deposits, so as of now, we use neither (except for groups of 6 or more). We like the honor system, so if you make a reservation with us, and confirm, we are counting on you to show. Every tour has a waiting list and it is unfair to those on it if you cancel at the last minute or don’t show up after confirming. If you can not make it,though, please let us know as soon as possible. As we get more and more popular, it is more unfair to others if you cancel for no reason without giving us time to let your replacements know.  Because of our wait lists, when we offer you a tour spot by email or by phone, we can not hold the slot indefinitely; if we do not hear from you within 48 hours, we can not guarantee the availability anymore, as that, too, is unfair to others waiting. If your group is large enough to require a deposit, it is refundable only up to 48 hours in advance, as late cancellations still require us to pay the guides and make up for the other people we have turned down to hold you spots)
  • Payment – As we will meet you at Washington Square Park with your bikes, we have no way of accepting credit cards once the tour begins. Cash and both personal and Travelers Checks are fine. The price is  for the Creole tour is $49, $89 for the Culinary tour and $85 for the drinking tour and we don’t collect until the tour is over to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your experience.  If for some reason, you need to pay by credit card, let us know in advance and we can set that up for you via PayPal (no account needed)
  • Starting Time – We run small personal tours and, of course, request you be on time; not so much for us (we are from New Orleans and understand a lack of commitment to schedules) but your fellow cyclists and soon-to-be new friends you will be taking the tour with.  If you are going to be late, please call us up at 504-4005468 to let us know, and as long as you can show up within a reasonable amount of time, we never leave anybody behind.
  • If we are Booked We do keep a waiting list which we regularly use, also we recomend our friends at Ninthwardrebirthbiketours.com if you wish for a longer ride and a great cultural tour of that neighborhood. Renting bikes from our friends at A Bicycle Named Desire and having them map out your adventure is another good option.

Thanks a lot, and we are always just a phone call or email away if you need us.

Jeff and Lycia

PS  As we choose not to advertise, we do depend on the good words of those who have enjoyed our tours in the past. If you wish to share your experiences about our tours, we would love for  you to do so.

Some helpful spots to leave comments are on our Trip Advisor page or on the google maps page for Confederacy of Cruisers where anyone with a Google account can easily leave a review.

Thanks again for letting us be part of your New Orleans vacation