9th Ward Tours

Ninth Ward Rebirth Bike Tours

lower ninth ward bicycleWhile the devastation from Hurricane Katrina is well known to all, the more important story now is New Orleans rejuvenation.  A revival like the one our city is going through is a beautiful sight to see, and as always we believe there is no better way to see anything than by bicycle, so we are proud to support our friend Reecy’s company, Ninth Ward Rebirth by Bike for her Katrina history and recovery tours.

These bicycle tours of the Lower Ninth Ward are like nothing else ever offered in this city… close up and hands on with the people who were affected, the people who are rebuilding, and the people who are carrying on the rich cultural traditions of that historic neighborhood.

Her tours will leave you uplifted at the spirit of the neighborhood and understanding of the people who are choosing to return to their lives after having it all buried under 10 feet of water. A stop at the House of Dance and Feathers to learn about the Mardi Gras Indians and the local parading traditions, and a stop at the Village to learn about the hopeful future of the area will be included in your ride to give you a well rounded view.

These tours will cover more ground, a different area than our own Confederacy of Cruiser tours and are for cyclists who are at least in average shape as their is a bridge to traverse to get there.

Check out their website at ninthwardrebirthbiketours.com for more on her unique tours.

The Future

We are working on all kinds of ideas to make your trips down here something special.  Multi-day bike Louisiana bicycle tours riding along the levees of the Mississippi River with stops at historic plantations and stays at our better Bed and Breakfasts will be coming in the future.  These tours will have well chosen food stops, because in Louisiana, no day of exercise is complete without local cuisine for counter balance. Of course, Confederacy of Cruisers knows our roots (as well as our routes) so no fancy road bikes here, only fancy multi-speed, skinny wheeled, cruiser style bikes such as the beautiful 3 speed Bianchi commuter bikes;  sitting up, relaxing, and being comfortable is the only way to ride in the utterly flat Louisiana countryside and that is the way we will do it.  Drop bars are just never going to be needed here.

These tours will be for all skill levels of riders. Trip lengths and miles per day will all be flexible so the most fit to the haven’t been riding in years will all be happy.  Send us a note if this interests you so we can work to make it happen.